The gift of sabotage

All adult sabotage mechanisms were once childhood heroes.

What holds us back today, is what once kept us safe.

The first step to ‘eliminating’ sabotage is befriending it.

(and understand the positive intent that is buried deep inside it)

The second is to understand its deeper purpose.

(It’s not to fuck your life and business up, but to keep you safe from a perceived threat)

The third is to be with it so unconditionally, that the desire to change it, fix it, or remove it completely disappears.

(presence is the ultimate medicine)

There is a lot more to the process I’ve created to liberate high performers from subconscious sabotage, but if you just learn to hold these three postures, you will uncover an unprecedented level of intimacy with yourself.

Operating at your peak is impossible when you don’t have full access to all of yourself. 

Only when we end the war within ourselves, can we be free.

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