Why you’re hard on yourself

Why do successful entrepreneurs continue to be hard on themselves despite achieving significant success?

In this coaching segment I unpack the brain’s negativity bias and addictive nature of negative self-perception. 

The ultimate goal is a state of flow and abundance, achieved by minimizing self-focus and maximizing engagement with passions and contribution to the world.

  • The Surprising Truth Behind Negative Self-Talk Among Successful Entrepreneurs
  • Unpacking the Architecture of Negative Self-Talk
  • Understanding the Brain’s Negativity Bias and Its Impact
  • The Addictive Nature of Negative Self-Talk
  • How Our Brain Predicts and Prefers Negative Outcomes
  • The Vicious Cycle of Confirming Negative Beliefs
  • Neurological Reinforcement of Negative Thoughts
  • Breaking the Cycle: The Path to Positive Self-Thought
  • The Ultimate Goal: A State Beyond Self-Thought
  • Embracing Abundance Through Contribution and Love
  • Achieving True Abundance by Downregulating Self-Focus
  • The Flow State: Merging with the Moment and the Divine
  • Tapping into True Abundance Through Passion and Flow

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