Why Working on Your Mind is the Fastest Way to Grow Your Business

Scaling your business is hard. You have to wear a lot of hats and it takes significant amounts of time, energy and effort. But once you hit traction, and are generating consistent value for your customers & clients, and revenue for yourself, something very interesting happens. The entrepreneur becomes the company’s biggest bottleneck. 

Because the entrepreneur is maxed out, involved in too many things, and has hit the upper limit of available time, energy, effort and attention, the business has a hard time growing beyond it. Usually the CEO tries to do MORE outer work to solve this problem. This works up to a point, but then becomes counterproductive – and becomes the biggest rate limiter of growth. 

The real problem is that the business is over reliant on the entrepreneur. 

The business is an externalization of the entrepreneurs subconscious blocks, fears, blind spots, egoic patterns and sabotage mechanisms. 

And unless the entrepreneur does the inner work, the business stays stuck or grows at a fraction of its potential. The entrepreneur stays maxed out, at the verge of burnout and frustration, ultimately resenting the business. 

In this episode, I talk about why working on your mind is the fastest way to grow your business – and in fact, the biggest determinant of the business’s success and of your personal wellbeing. When you get this right, your business will grow exponentially while you work less that ever before, in a state of joy, ease and play. 

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • The real bottleneck in your business
  • How your ego is the biggest limiting factor in your business’s ability to grow
  • Why working on your mind is the fastest way to grow your business
  • The three core areas you need to upgrade your mind in order to create what I call the 8 Figure Shift
  • Your business is a mirror for what’s going on in your head and how you can create the person you need to be to operate at that next level
  • What it’s like for me to run 3 businesses and how my self worth and mental state are affected by that
  • Why running your business MUST feel good and SHOULD feel like play 
  • The reason most entrepreneurs fail and how you can recognize what’s in your blind spot

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