What your limitations are made of

Do you want to know where your limitations come from and what they are made of? Do you carry around the bad things that happen to you or the things people have said about you in the past? This episode will help you create a new perspective and transcend these limitations. 

In this episode I talk about this idea of being Limitless, of our limitless potential and what that really means. I’ll also talk about what perspective we experience the world through and what that means for how you live your life. These thought patterns can determine whether you’re present, whether you experience anxiety or stress and stop you from accessing your true potential. 

If you find yourself blocked by limitations or struggling to remain present in your life, this podcast episode is for you. This episode will help you shift the way you see yourself and the world around you so you can start living a life that’s more free. What would happen if you could release the things you obsess over or try to control? 

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