Success without sacrificing what really matters w/ Alex Charfen

My guest today, Alex Charfen has spent 30 years on the frontlines of entrepreneurship and built multiple multimillion dollar businesses, reaching #21 on the INC 500 and then being featured on the list 3 years in a row. He’s the founder of Simple Operations, a company that helps entrepreneurs run their business from the passenger seat. They give entrepreneurs the systems and the processes they need to calm the chaos, execute predictably and achieve success.

Over the past few years, we’ve become close friends and I’ve seen first hand that his success hasn’t come at the cost of his health, marriage or family – which is an extraordinary achievement. He is the embodiment of what’s possible when an entrepreneur takes true personal responsibility and ownership of their own personal growth and development.

In this conversation we talk about:

Going from transactional management to transformational leadership

The internal development that an entrepreneur needs to go through to operate at a high level

Unconscious sabotage that blocks growth

Leading yourself as an entrepreneur to lead others better

Driving the business from the passenger seat

Embracing vulnerability

Balancing having a family and being an entrepreneur

Creating absolute transparency in your marriage

If you don’t want to sacrifice one or more parts of your life to be successful in business, you’ll enjoy this conversation.

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