Happiness is hiding in plain sight.

Do you struggle to experience consistent, lasting happiness? Does it feel like joy and bliss are elusive shadows that you chase and only experience momentary glimpses of? Maybe you question your worth, work too hard, rely on a myriad of things outside to feel good..Then this podcast episode will help you understand where those feelings come from and how to find lasting happiness – in the last place you’ve looked. 

In this episode, I talk about how all the feelings we seek lie in the background of our experience and the mistake we make that causes all our suffering. I also share the understanding that allows you to access all the joy you want from within yourself – no matter how far you might feel from it. 

You need to listen to this episode if you ever struggle with self esteem and self worth. When you learn how to see the nature of your problems objectively, you can avoid being overpowered by them in your life and business. 

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