Breaking through upper limits & self sabotage (includes guided hypnosis)

A breakthrough that creates clarity is often followed by doubt, anxiety, fear, worry, second guessing or some sort of sabotage. 

The main reason for this subconscious resistance is due to a deviation from your ‘set point’ for ease, peace, safety and money. 

The resistance and self-sabotage, is a ‘homeostatic regulator’ which is designed to keep us at our baseline, bringing us back to our comfort zone as soon as we leave it.  

In this video I share my concept of the growth equation, and guide you through a process to minimize resistance so you can create sustainable growth. 

Topics discussed:

– The Paradox of Founder Clarity and Self-Sabotage

– Unpacking the Equation of Growth

– The Psychological Battle Against Growth

– Navigating the Yo-Yo Effect 

– Building an Unshakeable Foundation of Self-Trust

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