7 Ways to Awaken Your Relationships & How to Survive Family During the Holidays

Do you experience arguments and conflict in your romantic, platonic and familial relationships? Is the prospect of interacting with loved ones during the holidays, causing you to feel anxious? Do you sometimes feel the desire to help or change your loved ones or do you feel like they try to change you? Would you like to be able to communicate and spend time with your family without getting triggered? If any of this sounds like you, this episode could help you shift unconscious patterns into an awake presence so you can enjoy time with your family, friends and partners. 

If the holidays can be an anxious time for you either because of stress communicating with family or desire to change family members, this episode is for you. I talk about how you can lower your level of anxiety by becoming more conscious of your relationships. These things can be used in any of your relationships, not just around the holidays. 

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