About Ani

Ani Manian, widely known as “The Mind Whisperer,” is a trusted advisor to the world’s leading visionaries, entrepreneurs & leaders & the host of the Scale with Psychology podcast.

He is notorious for taking high-achievers who have already created significant success & influence, to far greater levels outside their realm of possibility by giving them an unfair advantage – access to the vast creative potential of their mind.

He helps them optimize their psychology – the internal operating system that drives their thinking, feeling, behavior & results – to a level where they can bend conventional reality & become limitless.

100% of his clients have gone on to create profound impact and change in the world, as well as lasting happiness and personal well-being for themselves.

Exponential growth in business success, wealth & influence are natural byproducts of living & working from a mind that is aligned with your goals, in a field of infinite possibilities.

My Story


Ever since I was a kid, I had my hustle game on lockdown. I was raised to believe that effort was linearly correlated with eventual success and happiness. So naturally, I got great grades in school and worked my ass off to hit top percentile in every test. I finished multiple degrees with a full scholarship, helping businesses grow like my life depended on it.


Money was flowing into my bank account like a waterfall. I was advising billion dollar companies working with the most influential people on the planet. I founded multiple companies, and had thousands of people flying across the world to hear me speak at conferences. My family was impressed, my friends were envious. I was constantly told that I was killing it and everyone I met thought I had it all. I had traveled to over 60 countries. Everything really seemed perfect about my life. Except for one tiny, kind of important thing: I was miserable.


Deep down I felt like an imposter. I didn’t really give a shit about what I was doing. 

I was barely performing at a fraction of what I was capable of. I was jealous of the people who were following their passions.

Who roamed the earth and did all the things I would rather be doing day in day out. I would wake up uninspired most days needing multiple alarms to get out of bed. 

A lot of coffee to trick my mind into getting excited and get myself to the office and through the day. I felt like time was flying by, weeks felt like days and months like weeks, but I wasn’t really changing or growing. 

Even though I was barely trying, I was effortlessly achieving the success that I had always dreamed about, but it didn’t really fill that void. I felt empty, unfulfilled, and to be honest – I knew I was capable of making 100x the impact but I was trapped in the same comfort zone I had worked hard to create. My dreams had turned into wishful thinking.

My idealism had been replaced with nice dinners and expensive clothes. The money, despite my best efforts, failed to numb the pain. This was the pain of not really feeling fulfilled despite following the script. It was the pain of climbing the ladder to “success” like I was programmed to and realizing that I was nowhere close to FEELING successful. 

I was somewhere I didn’t care to be. I felt disconnected and alone. My relationships lacked genuine intimacy and depth. And the longer I kept myself bound to this life I had worked so hard to create, the less respect I had for myself.


After battling liver cirrhosis for two years, and awaiting a liver transplant, my dad had passed away. I always believed he would pull through. I never entertained the idea of actually losing him. He wasn’t that old after all. It was unthinkable. 

He and I had never really gotten along, so bad that I had been plotting my escape from home since I was 12 years old. But in that moment, all our differences melted into a deep pit of anguish. 

What followed was the darkest period of my life, but one that completely changed the course of it. Setting fire to the funeral pyre his dead body lay upon during the cremation ceremony, as was custom, broke me completely. He had lived his entire life like so many others – bound by expectations, having been raised to never value his own happiness. He had risen from poverty single handedly, achieving profound success but never really feeling like it was enough. 

I had seen him go from working multiple jobs to support his immediate and extended family to having the money to buy himself whatever he wanted, but not the time or sense of satisfaction that needed to make it all worthwhile. Dutifully giving days, weeks, months, years, decades, basically his entire life to his work in exchange for financial security first, and then numbers in a bank. 

He worked himself as hard as he could, and used alcohol and cigarettes to numb himself so he could work some more. In the end, he never really allowed himself to ever enjoy the fruits of his labor. Or really go after the dreams that he was full of. And before he could realize that there was more to life than conventional success, it was all over. 

I saw him a few days before he passed, and I still remember his face heavy with regrets. With the knowing that he would give any amount of money for another chance at his dreams. But that’s not how life works is it? 

He taught me many things, but in his passing he taught me how short life is. How the most precious thing in the world is time, and no amount of money or success can bring that back. How we sell ourselves short of the stratospheric heights we are actually capable of reaching, our potential left unrealized because of the mind that holds us back, keeping us rooted to our past.



That our hopes and dreams don’t wait for the right time. That we all have the power to transform ourselves so we can live exceptional lives that are full of meaning and balance. 

I spent thousands of hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars studying Psychology, Psychedelic Psychotherapy, Neuroscience, Somatic Trauma Resolution, Attachment, Developmental Psychology, Quantum Physics, Buddhism, Stoicism, Meditation, Kinesiology and dozens of other modalities to understand how the mind works and how to reprogram it. 

I worked with dozens of mentors, coaches, therapists and teachers. I refined my daily practice of meditation, visualization, gratitude, emotional release techniques into a powerful system, and created ground breaking personal practices that enabled me to wake up each day knowing who I am, what I’m capable of, and how to live life powerfully and creatively. 

How to transcend the egoic suffering that creates our fear, anxiety, stress, perfectionism & procrastination. How to let go of old baggage and stop the self sabotage. How to achieve the wild success we are capable of, and make the impact we have always dreamed of. How to create real confidence from genuine self worth and actually falling in love with ourselves. How to find purpose and meaning in a world that is set up to make us feel unfulfilled. How to make the most of this brief time we get to play on this earth and die without regret. 

I realized that we are our own worst enemies when it comes to change. We all have the power to realize our limitless potential but it requires a certain combination of mindset, behaviors, and practices. I have combined the best of what I have learned over countless hours of trial and error, blood, sweat, pain, heartache and hope into a unique method which I now share with you. It has helped people around the world harness the vast power of the mind, permanently overcome their limiting thoughts and self sabotage, and connect directly to the infinite source of creativity, vitality, energy and intelligence that each and every one of us has inside. 

It has radically transformed businesses, families, communities and lives. It combines scientific, psychological, philosophical, and spiritual concepts into a ground breaking step by step framework  for literally rewiring your brain, and evolving you to the next level of consciousness. 

This next level of reality is available to each and every one of us. We are all powerful creators, with the ability to bend our experience to serve our deepest dreams, aspirations and desires, connected to a source of limitless creative power and intelligence. It’s time to live the life we were born to live.



And now, I’m going to help you create yours. 

98% of entrepreneurs fail in the first 2 years. Most businesses stay stuck in a plateau unable to scale. 85% of people on average are disengaged at their jobs. One fifth of those people are so disengaged, they’re actively undermining their coworkers’ work. They’re literally getting paid to mess things up for the company that they work for.

And this is a shame. It’s a shame because millions of people wake up every day unfulfilled, depressed, not showing up fully for themselves, their families, their communities, or the world at large. They turn into workaholics, alcoholics, shopaholics and other kinds of addicts to numb the excruciating pain of emptiness, slowly killing themselves with stress and self loathing just like my dad. 

They act out on their partners, kids and friends, needing an outlet for the resentment and self loathing they feel.


But here is a secret. Nobody knows what they’re doing. Nobody has it figured out. The grass is always greener on the other side. Instead of comparing your worst to someone else’s best, start figuring out what it is that you want. 

The things that inspire you to move mountains regardless of the money. Don’t just run a business; dominate an industry so you can make the biggest impact. Don’t follow someone else’s model for success, build a business that deeply matters to you. Because then you will be unstoppable. So ask yourself why are YOU here? What do YOU want to do for others? How can you align your own gifts, your unique gifts, with the impact you want to have on the world in a way that supports your desired quality of life? You know what the beautiful thing about meaning is? The beautiful thing about alignment? 

There is no one answer. No two peoples’ definitions are the same. What makes YOU tick? How will YOU create your own path? It’s time you realize how much power lies dormant inside you, like a volcano waiting to erupt. Take a risk, act on that idea you’ve been meaning to, take that leap of faith, and dare to dream bigger than you have ever before. 

People will follow you when you start working with purpose. From unshakable belief in your vision. If you find the people who believe in you, if you stop comparing yourself to others now, and if you dare to pursue what is meaningful to you now, you will change your life, you will change the lives of others, and you will change the world. 

Because when you pursue meaning & fulfillment, you inspire others to as well. I’m dedicating my life to helping 1 Billion people reach their full potential. We only get one life, only a short stint on earth. The stakes are too damn high.