9 powerful ideas to 10x your progress towards your goals

[Goal achievement mini masterclass]

1. The true value of a goal is to act as an automatic decision filter for the choices you make.

In a world of infinite optionality, not having a clear criteria for what will move you towards the future you want = chaos.

2. First you create your goals. Then your goals create you.

Who you become by accomplishing your goals will always be more meaningful than what you acquire (money, status etc)

3. If your goals don’t scare you (at least a little), they are not big enough. 

Your goals should be big enough to require you to stretch, grow and increase your capacity in some way.

4. You can’t create growth without risking safety.

If you’re not growing as much or as fast as you want, some part of you is unwilling to take that risk.

5. The tighter you’re attached to your current identity, the harder it will be to grow beyond it.

Your psychological identity is the algorithm that is designed to produce a certain result. 

If you want a different result, you need to BE someone different.

6. When it comes to goal achievement, consistency trumps intensity. 

But if you can do both, you’ll be unstoppable.

7.  Learning how to not let setbacks and bad days derail you is a skill that the top performers in the world work to master. 

Raise your floor to raise your game.

8. Developing the skill to hold yourself accountable to a high standard without using guilt, shame and punishment is the ultimate superpower in life. 

Treat yourself like the loving and boundaried parent you needed.

9. Self deception is your biggest enemy. Self acceptance is the best performance hack.

Be 100% honest with yourself + accept yourself unconditionally if you want to be free. 

If you want to access your full potential,  you need to first have access to all parts of yourself.

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