4 lessons that took me almost 40 years to understand that completely changed my life

1. Failure is not something to be avoided, it’s a skill to be cultivated. 

Being completely OK with failing will allow you to think 10x bigger and take 10x bolder action than if you’re restraining your potential because of fear of how you’ll be perceived if it doesn’t work out.

2. Learning to sacrifice short term pleasure by CHOICE and enduring discomfort will put you ahead of 99% of people. 

Most people aren’t willing to do what it takes, when it takes them away from their cozy comfort zone. 

If you are, you’ve already won.

3. The greatest, hardest & most rewarding project you will ever work on, is yourself. 

Developing a hunger to know yourself, uncover your patterns and re-architect yourself to become the kind of person who can achieve your goals will give you the ultimate unfair advantage.

4. You’ll never regret trusting yourself and doing the scary ‘thing’ 

The scarier the decision, the more you know you NEED to do it. 

It appears as a choice but it really isn’t because the pain of regret will eat you alive.

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